Lebanon's Principles for Sustainability

Originally Adopted September 2, 2009; Revised and Adopted March 4, 2015
Sustainable: Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Principle #1 – Community Access, and Engagement
Does the action. . .
A. Promote public trust, accountability, and transparency; communicate effectively?
B. Increase citizen participation and leadership at all ages, and in all aspects of government? 
C. Encourage community and stakeholder collaboration in local government decisions? 

Principle #2 – Sense of Place
Does the action. . .
A. Foster the traditional character of Lebanon and Northern New England?
B. Sustain a good quality of life?
C. Ensure that development retains and enhances the traditions, goals, and values of our community?
D. Preserve the rural landscape?

Principle #3 – Environmental Responsibility and Energy Efficiency
Does the action. . .
A. Sustain and enhance a healthy natural environment: air, water, soil, and ecosystems?
B. Promote and reinforce a network ("green infrastructure") of protected open space and natural areas?
C. Improve energy efficiency and reduce the City's carbon footprint?
D. Engage the Lebanon community to conserve energy and adopt more sustainable technologies for heating, cooling, lighting, transportation, and so forth?

Principle #4 –Intelligent, Coordinated Development and Transportation
Does the action. . .
A. Control sprawl by maintaining traditional compact settlement patterns? 
B. Use existing land, resources, and investments in infrastructure?
C. Conserve and enhance environmental and cultural resources?
D. Harmoniously combine mixed uses - housing, employment, shopping, services, educational, recreational, cultural, and social opportunities—within walkable neighborhoods?
E. Create a balanced, multi-modal transportation system that plans for increased transportation choice?
F. Create livable, walkable communities with greater accessibility for people of all ages and abilities?

Principle #5 – Economic Vitality
Does the action. . .
A. Promote community prosperity and proactively position our community for a changing world?
B. Support and enhance innovative, diversified, green, and creative enterprises?
C. Promote jobs and wages that help families become more resilient and self-sufficient?
D. Encourage partnership between the public and private sectors to achieve shared goals?
E. Support educational, cultural, and entrepreneurial opportunities that attract young people?
F. Attract, develop, and retain a capable, creative, and highly motivated workforce?

Principle #6– Fiscal Responsibility
Does the action. . .
A. Strengthen the City’s tax base and maintain or enhance property values?
B. Offer cost-effectiveness, and preferably pay for itself?
C. Promote other forms of revenue to help reduce the fiscal burden on taxpayers?
D. Balance current demands with investments necessary for long-term viability, with particular attention to core services?
E. Ensure transparency in government fiscal policies by linking spending to outcomes? 

Principle #7 – Regional Partnerships
Does the action. . .
A. Work with neighboring towns to achieve common goals and address common problems more effectively?
B. Encourage a regional view of community interdependence while respecting local autonomy?
C. Manage growth locally and collaborate regionally?
D. Promote positive innovation and excellence by achieving and exceeding best management practices?